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About Us

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The 440 Films Team is a full service video-photography team and production company. No matter what the project is, if it requires a lens we can shoot it, edit it and produce it. Our specialties are Weddings, Special Occasions, Fashion, Music Productions and Marketing. But that's not all, whether you are a PR firm or publicist looking for your client to be covered on a fashion photoshoot or a business person looking to expand your brands product placement. The 440 Films Team can shoot what you need, edit the footage professionally and get it to you in a timely manner. 

The 440 Films Team has the latest equipment, we shoot in every format from high definition all the way to 4k. Making your end product view on mobile devices or the latest Ultra HD TV's. 


As our name implies normally we shoot as a team. We find find that two or more cameras on most projects help us to create a unique and effective product. We also have host for interview projects and photographers for projects that require video and stills. 

If you are looking to shoot any of the following the 440 Films can help you. 

Weddings, Quinceañeras, Parties, Business Seminars, Fitness Photoshoots, Infomercials, Portfolios, Fashion Shows, Interviews, Acting Reels, Modeling Reels, Live Concerts, Live Performances, Behind the Scenes, Short Films, Music Videos, Sporting Events, all type of Marketing and more. 

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